Programme 2023
Jagodic/Stankovic Duo Jazz
18:15 HEMU et Conservatoire de Lausanne – Utopia 3

Jagodic/Stankovic Duo is founded many years ago in Serbia by Anja Jagodic(accordion) and Aleksandra Stankovic(voice)- they grew up together and played music since they were children. They went to the same music school and they both played accordions at the time. After, in teenage years, Aleksandra redirected to singing career and Anja continued with the accordion. After many years of separation due to the studies in different countries (Serbia and Macedonia) they had luck to meet again during their musical education in Switzerland and started to play together once again.

Their debut concert was in Lausanne in 2019 at HEMU for Anja`s final Master exam and after that they continued performing together throughout the country and abroad. They recent releases were in ballet poem « Crow » by D. Bogdanovic and in an improvised opera « CoroNation » (2022) by Aleksandra Stankovic herself.

Their music is experimental and mostly based on the so-called free improvisation: JSD is simply a spontaneous evolution of a lifetime friendship and musicianship.

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