Programme 2023
Curcumbia World - Cumbia
22:00 Exo Bus (Route de Romanel 1, 1018 Lausanne)

A Portugal based band, working and composing
since 2 years to deliver our lovely audiences a good
dose of the irresistible latino flavor: rhythm, joy,
community and loads of dance are the main virtues
that our broth possesses, cooked to the heat of
cadences from every corner of Latin America. Forró,
salsa, candombe, reggae, samba, ska, merengue…


A hurricane recipe, served with the greatest spice of
our musical identity: the power of Cumbia, which
written with capital C, plays the backbone role
within the properly oiled articulation of every limb
composing this beautiful multicultural family, rooted
in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal and Italy.