Programme 2019
Counteract Hip Hop - Urban / Hip-hop
21:00 Bar Club abc / scène Off

That shit is hot. The new bomb dropped by English-speaking Swiss hip hop band Counteract brings the renewal of a culturally mixed influence – a blast that reaches beyond the boundaries of rap and is gifted with experiences from around the globe. That shit is sweet. Counteract’s second album is tainted by a flavoured blend of pop & groovy melodies and oldschool rap flows that define Counteract as a promising band at the peak of their creativity. Counteract is acting against blandness to reveal the taste of boundless hip hop. The band features three musicians, the beatmaker/producer (Grand Papa Tra) and two MCs (BFG & The Squid). These fellows have been performing for 10 years on Swiss and European stages leaving behind them intense rythms & shows. Counteract’s first album «Broca’s Area» -released in 2011- was the cornerstone of an unforgettable tour in Switzerland featuring shows at Caprices Festival, Usine de Genève, Fri-Son, Dachstock in Bern or at the Docks & Romandie in Lausanne. The album has been «freshly» acclaimed by the media (20 minutes, Eventlive) and the band has repeatedly been on air or on TV shows (Radio Paradiso, Downtown Boogie, La Télé) in Switzerland. «That shit» is born of foreign collaborations, travels and encounters that lead the band to write, compose and record a handful of songs in Queens, New York (Goblin Studios), featuring rappers like Punchline (EMC) and  Spent Dinero

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